How to Choose The Right SEO Agency

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. It is important for agencies to keep up with innovations and be able to adjust quickly to changes. The question is, how to choose a seo agency, if you do not know what is seo agency, but you need to find a decent performer. 

What to watch when choosing a SEO contractor

The first thing is to check the company website.

  1. Check the position of the site on the Internet, what is the visibility of the site in search engines.
  2. Find out how many employees the company has. Consider the type of company you feel more comfortable doing business with: a company with many employees, and your project will be handled by a team, or a company with a few people, but all of them will be working on your project. Choose the one that is closer to you.
  3. Pay attention to the location of the company’s office. Decide whether it will be convenient for you to meet with contractors in person at their office, whether they can and will be willing to come to your office. If this is important to you, pay attention to seo agency adelaide. But more often than not, the location of the office doesn’t matter because you can make video calls and keep in touch online. You can always call on Skype or Google Hangouts.
  4. Find and check reviews of the company. Yes, reviews are easy to fake, but fake reviews are easy to spot. First, check to see if the company of the person who left the review exists. Second, look at the style of the review.
  5. Look to see if there are photos or videos of the company’s office online. If the company’s employees are sharing photos and videos from the office, the company is likely open and not deceiving customers about the number of employees they have.
  6. Look at the work in the portfolio. Evaluate not only what is shown and described in the portfolio, but also check the sites yourself. For example, the visibility we talked about in the first point.
  7. Ask about certificates and licenses. At a minimum, the company must have Google Analytics certified specialists.
  8. See if the company talks about successful cases. Serious companies do not hide their methods, but rather show them to potential customers, because it is always easier and better to work with a client who understands their specifics. Check the description of cases in the company’s blog or google them.

Now check media mentions

Media mentions tell you that the company is not new and is working on recognition.

  • Is the company active on social media: Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Are there mentions of the company on topical platforms and conferences.

When you have pre-selected SEO companies based on the above tips, move on to discuss the work.

What the SEO company should ask you

Pay attention to what questions the SEO company representatives ask you and what access they will need. The minimum data they need to analyze the site and prepare a sound proposal:

  1. Google Analytics. The access to it is needed to analyze your current sources of traffic and their indicators: bounce rate, depth of views, current search traffic and its indicators (search phrases that people come for, their behavior, region).
  2. Google Search Console. Access is not required, but desirable, because it helps to identify the main problems of the site in the way users behave on it.
  3. Region of promotion. The company should necessarily ask about the region of promotion. If there are some regions of promotion, this information is very important, because the presence of several regions of promotion increases the promotion budget.
  4. Main activity directions or categories of internet-shop. Each company has priority directions, and there are secondary: related products for stores. Accordingly, in order to properly prioritize – this information is extremely important. So it was not that after 2-3 months, it turned out that the impact of the work is minimal, because at the top lines are the requests of the secondary direction of the company.

How to find the best seo agency and monitor the effectiveness of work

The dynamics of growth of attendance and referrals is different for each site. We recommend paying attention to the following metrics.

  • The number of calls and referrals should increase compared to the previous period. We are only talking about new non-branded search traffic. There should be an increase in branded queries, too, as the target audience learns about your organization.
  • Growth in traffic from Google.
  • The number of queries in the top 10 of search engine results as a percentage. It is also worth paying attention not only to the queries that made it to the top 10, but also to those that made it to the top 100 and top 50, which were not there before.
  • It is worth monitoring the implementation of all tasks according to the schedule.

These tips will help you evaluate the work of seo agency gold coast.