Online casino mirror

Many online casino fans have long noticed that there are usually several twin sites on the Internet with the same name but different domains. Moreover, the address may differ by one character (letter or number), or may be completely different. What kind of sites are these? Who clones them and for what purpose? Can they be trusted? If you want to check the reliability of a casino, you should use specialized resources. For example, information about the gaming club casino flash is here

What is a mirror of the casino site?

Experienced Internet users, who have ever been engaged in the creation (or promotion) of sites, know about the existence of official mirrors. This term refers to exactly those copies of sites that we see in the example of casinos. That is, it’s the same gambling site, but with a different address. The player, who got into an online casino through a mirror, if he had already undergone the registration procedure in the institution, goes to his account with the old username and password. All account details, including bonuses and history, will remain the same, as if the entrance was made on the main domain, because the mirror page refers to the main project database. A casino visitor that used a mirror will have all the same options, functionality and game modes as on the official gambling site.

Reasons for the creation of mirrors of online casino sites

Mirrors create casino owners themselves. There are a number of different reasons for this.

  • Each site periodically has technical malfunctions, during which the resource becomes unavailable. And since not everyone has their own programmers in the technical support department, the restoration of performance may take some time. During this period, there will be no access to the main site, but customers will be able to continue the game on the mirrors.
  • All casinos suffer periodically from hacker attacks, which can be ordered by competitors. Here is the same situation – when DDoS attack, that is, a critical overload of the hosting server, will remain access to mirrors.
  • The load on the sites is not uniform, but all the time different. It depends on many factors, including the load from the software itself, as well as user activity. Sometimes there are significant peaks, followed by a decrease in user activity. For example, in the evening and on weekends, the load of entertainment resources, as a rule, the maximum. Server overload creates certain problems. If the site does not stop working, then the response rate may decrease. And such “lags” annoy users. To unload at times of peak load the main site, and the owners create a few mirrors.
  • Another reason is the possible blockage of a popular domain. The thing is that many countries have an official ban on online casinos. Therefore, in order not to lose a popular site and its customers, it is better to take care in advance about the creation of mirrors.

Can mirrors be trusted?

Official mirrors are the same sites of the casino of the same name as the main resource. But you should never forget the existence of these sites. They are created by scammers to get access to information, for example, to get visitors’ authorization data or their payment details. So do not let your guard down – the information should always be checked. Players who use only licensed casinos and check information about regulators may be confused by the lack of a mirror address in the documentation. But the ownership of the license is successfully checked through the official website of the operator.

Operators claim that the cloned site addresses have the same level of protection as the main one. The same encryption algorithms and tools used for security. If you want to find a reliable casino and check allslots canada, use