Pizza sandwich & Lahmacun

You know that feeling when you want the Internet to know about something. This post is only triggered by that feeling, and it has no correlation whatsoever with other posts in this blog.

Two years ago I was walking in Bloor St., Toronto looking for some quick lunch option and the sign of a restaurant aroused my curiosity. They offer pizza, sandwich and lahmacun. At that time I had no idea what lahmacun was, so I found the set to be kind of odd (after tasting it, I must admit: it deserves to be in that list!).

Today it happened again. I was looking for the meaning of a French word and I went to the home page of Wiktionary. My attention was caught by the list of languages with 1 000 000+ entries: English, Français and Malagasy. Malagasy?! In this case I was even more surprised by the oddity of the set. How did this happen? I understand that a language can be as rich as English and French, but how come there are so many people from Madagascar updating Wiktionary?

More generally, does this phenomenon have a name? Am I being offensive to Malagasy or Turkish people? I hope not.