First ownCloud lustrum

This weekend ownCloud turns 5 (5 years old, not 5.0 :P), congratulations to Frank Karlitschek and the entire ownCloud community!

This date also marks (more or less) the third anniversary of my first encounter with the ownCloud community. Shamelessly, I date it back to a comment I posted on the Youtube video of Frank’s original keynote at Camp KDE. Jeez, back then I didn’t even know how to set Youtube on html5!

Anyway, in this blog post I don’t want to praise what ownCloud has become, neither talk about my personal involvement in the ownCloud project (I assure you it went a bit further than that youtube comment :P). Instead I want to celebrate ownCloud’s birthday by collecting a list of third party projects to which ownClouders have contributed. In order for the contribution to be part of this collection, it needs to satisfy the following constraints:

  1. the contribution makes sense to exist independently from ownCloud;
  2. the itch to make that contribution was felt while writing ownCloud code or doing stuff related to ownCloud;
  3. the contribution did somehow benefit ownCloud.

Let me start with a list of vulnerabilities that Lukas Reschke and ownCloud’s security team have reported to some widely used libraries.

Security vulnerabilities

  • ZendFramework
  • SabreDAV
  • GetID3
  • PHPExcel
  • PHPDocX

Next is a list of other PHP libraries to which ownClouders have contributed patches.

Libraries patches

  • getID3 has benefited a lot from Morris Jobke’s work on the Music app — see for example, this commit derived by this issue report;
  • After the News app switched to picoFeed as the feed parser library, Bernhard Posselt has helped the maintainer of the library with numerous contributions;
  • Doctrine — see commits by ownClouders bantu, bartv2, PVince81, DeepDiver1975 to the Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer;
  • sabre/dav — see commits by ownClouders tanghus, schiesbn, DeepDiver1975, LukasReschke;
  • Punic — improvements on the library were dictated by performance analysis at ownCloud (see, for instance, Lukas Reschke’ PR)

I am confident that there is much more, but I am just not aware of it (Javascript projects, for instance, are missing in the list above). If you are the author of any contribution that satisfies the constraints above, please let me know the comments below.

Interactions between projects is what I value the most in Open Source and I am happy that five years of ownCloud have also meant five years of contributions to a multitude of other projects.

Happy birthday and best wishes for (at least) another lustrum!

Edit: added one more projects and more links.