First ownCloud lustrum

This weekend ownCloud turns 5 (5 years old, not 5.0 :P), congratulations to Frank Karlitschek and the entire ownCloud community! This date also marks (more or less) the third anniversary of my first encounter with the ownCloud community. Shamelessly, I date it back to a comment I posted on the Youtube video of Frank’s original […]

“Summer of ownCloud” accepted projects

Tomorrow is the day when Google Summer of Code students and Outreach Program for Women interns will begin coding for their projects. This is a good time to present the list of projects that have been accepted at ownCloud. You can follow the progress on their individual blogs, or on the ownCloud planet. Outreach Program […]

SO_oC — Summer Of ownCloud!

This is a heads up that ownCloud is participating in two internship programs this summer! Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC) Thanks to openSUSE for hosting us again! Check out the openSUSE GSoC portal and the ownCloud GSoC portal for more information Student application starts tomorrow. It’s important that you come up with a draft […]

ownCloud News App stable release

The News The first stable version (1.001) of the ownCloud News app is out in the ownCloud app store. Grab a copy, use it and tell your friend how awesome it is! If you’d like to stick to the development version, refer to the github page. Extensions It was amazing to see how much feedback […]

ownCloud News app Beta release

Good news everyone! We are happy to announce the Beta release of the ownCloud News app. You can download it from here or install it directly from your ownCloud instance. Remember to install the App Framework app first. This release is fully functional. We have implemented all the main features that we want in the […]

ownCloud projects for GSoC 2013

A Spring announcement: ownCloud will take part in Google Summer of Code 2013 under the organization openSUSE. You can find the list of ideas here:  We are very grateful to openSUSE for hosting us this year and to KDE for helping ownCloud with GSoC in the last years (including my own project!). Maybe next […]

Google Reader’s sunset is the dawn of ownCloud News

This post is dedicated to the memory of Aaron Swartz. Among all his contributions towards a more open Internet, Aaron was also one of the creator of RSS 1.0. Thanks, Aaron. The first news of the day is that the fantastic ownCloud community has released ownCloud Server 5.0.0. Congratulations everyone! The second news is that […]

ownCloud News app – Alpha release

I am happy to announce the Alpha release of the ownCloud News app, which I developed as a GSoC 2012 project. This is my final GSoC report, so it’s also the time for acknowledgments. Working with the ownCloud (oC) team has been a fantastic experience. The excitement around the ownCloud community is astonishing and people […]

ownCloud feed aggregator – the M part

Hello KDE/ownCloud fellows! After one month of GSoCoding (and quantum information research), I am finally back to blogging. Let me be honest from the beginning: there will be no screenshots in this post :( This is because the first part of my project was entirely devoted to the most hidden layer of the aggregator app: […]